From: Peter Brennan re: your online success

Dear savvy business owner,

If you’re looking for a sales copy pro to partner with so you can take your business to the next level…

Here’s a big warning…

You’ll find lots of guys talk the talk.

But Talk is cheap.

It’s Proven results that take your income, business and life to the next level…

In the last 6 months alone I have…


Bullet Created over $30k in profit from one sales letter in less than a week.

Bullet Made one client $60k in 7 days with his product launch

Bullet Hit 20% conversion rates in markets with a 2% average

Bullet Turned around failing marketing campaigns in just 30 minutes



And I can do the same for you…

Would you like results like that?

What’s my secret??


Bullet10 years of writing sales messages and learning the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

Bullet10 years in the front line of one of the toughest sales industries in the world (recruitment services).

BulletKnowing what it’s like to have everything riding on your ability to sell and advertise.

BulletA degree in psychology and an in depth knowledge of NLP and advanced persuasion techniques.


A track record of writing sales copy that delivers outstanding results time and time again

Check out what they said about this latest launch.


Position One Profiler Has Been Awarded Product Of The Day! Over 1000 Copies Sold In 24 Hours –

That sales letter which I “took a chance” on, went on to convert at 20% during the launch, other people were asking me who did my copy! I wanted to lie and say me.
Simon Greenhalgh


Your suggestions have completely transformed my copy and brought my sales page to life! I was worried about the copy becoming too ‘salesy’ but you’ve managed to keep it totally sincere and genuine – while adding that missing sizzle that transforms visitors into buyers. THANKS!!!Steven Hall


I’ve seen an incredible conversion rate and I’m making sales daily…Arran Lomas


I’m now seeing a 9% conversion rate. I’ve never seen such a great conversion rate before. Thanks so much Peter, and you’ll be seeing all my future projects…Steven


Copywriter Peter Brennan has done a sales copy edit for Mind Reality and also a redesign. The website has performed better than before on the overall in terms of sales conversion.

Enoch Tan

Let this be the day you finally decide to take your business to the next level
If you’ve been unhappy with your income from your business, it’s time to get an expert in to
BulletMaximize your salesBulletBoost you conversionsBulletIncrease you profits
If you have a product or service that people want, I can do the rest.It all starts with you and me talking about what you want to achieve in a no pressure, no commitment conversation.That’s all it takes.
My schedule is always tight so if you want something done, it’s best to talk to me today.
Skype me on peter.brennan97Call me from anywhere in the world direct on 0035387 6664668Or contact me through the form below


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