About me

I’ve been generating record sales figures for different clients and companies for the past 14 years.

I started my career in the telecoms business in 98.

It wasn’t long before I had generated record sales figures and I was managing some of the key units in the business.

“Peter has a  unique and powerful talent for persuading people to part with their money for whatever you are selling” Seamus Cosgrove  (Commercial Manager, Alcatel Ireland)

It was on the ground floor over these years that I learned what really makes people buy products and what drives a market.

My next career move brought me to the recruitment industry.

It was in this industry where I discovered the real power of words when it comes to making sales.

Over these years I honed my persuasion skills and mastered the written word in advertising to create massive profits.

I discovered how simple tweaks to ads and presentations can literally spell the difference between hundreds of thousands of Euros in sales.

An exceptional, salesperson with great drive and enthusiasm and a real ‘can do’ attitude” Liz Lyndon (Manager, Retail placement Ltd.)

Today my clients approach me when they have a product or service to sell and they need their sales letters to generate large profits.

They need to right ingredients in place to maximise the chances of their sales letter making serious money.

A creative genius!!
Highly recommended …
Thanks Peter, 
Jason Toner (hypnotherapist)

They need to harness the power of words to mould their product or service into money.

I am waiting here right now to help you do just that.