An Easier/Faster Way To Write Copy


I used to write copy starting from the top down.


Writing out a ton of headlines (which I still do)


You need to write as many as can to hit the sweet. (you know it when you find it)


My plan was to move onto the lead, sales argument, product and close.


As I wrote those headlines out it seemed a gawd aweful long way to go till the finish.


Every word seemed like a drag.


Today I do things slightly differently.


I start now in the middle…on the product itself.


That way I get straight into teasing out all the benefits of the product and tying them to the emotions I’m trying to stimulate.


I get into a bullet frenzy and get a really good handle on the product and its positioning.


Then I move into the close.


Then back up, working my way backwards to the sales argument and lead.


This brings me nicely back to the headline which seems to come a lot easier when I have the rest of the copy done.


Now I can take my time more until I find the one that hits the spot.


Sales letters/video sales letters get done a lot more quickly these days with this new method.


Might be worth trying yourself.



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