Bruce Lee school of sales copy




Years ago Bruce Lee used to have a saying…

Years ago Bruce Lee used to have a saying…


“I fear no



Years ago Bruce Lee used to have a saying…


the man who has 2000 techniques but the man who has practiced the same technique 2000 times”.

You see it’s pretty much impossible to be a master at 2000 movements.


…But one technique can be mastered with the right amount of time and repetition.

So how does this apply to sales copy? And writing kick ass sales copy?


Simple really…

Most sales copy guys try to read a thousand different books (mostly written by clueless copy guys) on how to create powerful sales messages that get your customers clicking and buying.

They end up with a mish mash of misinformation and poor advice most of the time that leaves your sales dead in the water.

There is a better way though….The Bruce Lee way to write copy.


Here’s how that works…

You simply take a select few books…and read them over and over again.

I’m talking about studying the masters here like Caples, Schwartz, Ogily and Schwab. And some of the more modern masters like Makepeace and Halbert.


Reading these guys over and

over again sinks their thinking into your mind and gradually helps you understand the real cornerstones of selling in print.

It has helped me create amazing results for my clients and get paid well along the way.

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