Sales Lessons From The Rich Jerk

Rich Jerk has burst back on the scene again recently. One of the most powerful elements of his pitch is ‘sales posturing’ This is when you make very clear that you don’t need your customer/clients to buy from you. Your … Continue reading

Using Proof To Pack A Powerful Punch

  Using Proof To Pack A Powerful Punch If you want to beef up your sales copy into the heavy division-even if your skills are puny and and pathetic as a sales copy writer right now-more proof can help you … Continue reading

Bring the carrot closer to the donkey and shut the critics up

Every time you write a sales message, like an email, website etc- There is a raving critique on the other end of the line. The simple fact is-he/she does not believe you. He/she does not believe a single word out … Continue reading