How To Get Those Emails Opened!

Although open rates are no where near as important than sales….
you can’t make that sale unless that sucker get’s opened
So here is a little trick I use sometimes to get that email OPEN…
It’s works because our brains are always trying to get completion. we don’t like when things are left open.
Kinda like a cliff hanger at the end of a soap opera.
it also pulls at our curiosity-a powerful trigger.
The email subject line would go something like…
the secret of losing weight when drinking beer is _______
most people who like beer (market dependent) and want to lose weight will snap at this one.
but you can fill in the blanks with what’s applicable to your market.
NB- people also love secrets.
NB-putting two things together -that are kinda like opposites-like drinking beers and losing weight works well too.
there ya go… more tips.
to your success

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