Closing the exit points for your prospect-to secure more sales



Closing the exit points for your prospect-to secure more sales.


ok- you’ve got their attention, shown them the advantage, whet their desire.


now they want to leave (like not buy). -so how do we stop them ?


here’s some doors i close…as in heading off questions in their mind…


this is the easiest way to (solve their problem)

works for anybody -then prove it

why you should not solve your problem on your own

this is the last (solution they will need)

An Easier/Faster Way To Write Copy


I used to write copy starting from the top down.


Writing out a ton of headlines (which I still do)


You need to write as many as can to hit the sweet. (you know it when you find it)


My plan was to move onto the lead, sales argument, product and close.


As I wrote those headlines out it seemed a gawd aweful long way to go till the finish.


Every word seemed like a drag.


Today I do things slightly differently.


I start now in the middle…on the product itself.


That way I get straight into teasing out all the benefits of the product and tying them to the emotions I’m trying to stimulate.


I get into a bullet frenzy and get a really good handle on the product and its positioning.


Then I move into the close.


Then back up, working my way backwards to the sales argument and lead.


This brings me nicely back to the headline which seems to come a lot easier when I have the rest of the copy done.


Now I can take my time more until I find the one that hits the spot.


Sales letters/video sales letters get done a lot more quickly these days with this new method.


Might be worth trying yourself.



Bruce Lee school of sales copy




Years ago Bruce Lee used to have a saying…

Years ago Bruce Lee used to have a saying…


“I fear no



Years ago Bruce Lee used to have a saying…


the man who has 2000 techniques but the man who has practiced the same technique 2000 times”.

You see it’s pretty much impossible to be a master at 2000 movements.


…But one technique can be mastered with the right amount of time and repetition.

So how does this apply to sales copy? And writing kick ass sales copy?


Simple really…

Most sales copy guys try to read a thousand different books (mostly written by clueless copy guys) on how to create powerful sales messages that get your customers clicking and buying.

They end up with a mish mash of misinformation and poor advice most of the time that leaves your sales dead in the water.

There is a better way though….The Bruce Lee way to write copy.


Here’s how that works…

You simply take a select few books…and read them over and over again.

I’m talking about studying the masters here like Caples, Schwartz, Ogily and Schwab. And some of the more modern masters like Makepeace and Halbert.


Reading these guys over and

over again sinks their thinking into your mind and gradually helps you understand the real cornerstones of selling in print.

It has helped me create amazing results for my clients and get paid well along the way.

Sales letters Versus Vsl’s-Who Wins?

Remember that argument that used to go on school…

Who would win between your dad and mine?

Or would win in a fight…? Superman or Spider man.

And so on…

Well the simple answer is… there is no winner because there are just too many variables involved.

It’s the same when it comes to sales letters and videos and which converts better.

There are many variables involved like:

  • Some markets like to read more (like the financial market)
  • Some markets need the whistles and bells of video ( like the men’s dating market)
  • And some people just like to read or don’t time to watch a video.
  • And the list goes on…

So here’s the take away:

Remembering the core fundamentals of sales copy will beat of the video versus sales letter question any day of the week.

Fundamentals like

  • Get their attention
  • Get the appeal spot on
  • Never bore them
  • Create a compelling story
  • Create empathy
  • Create a reason to act now
  • Demonstrate value
  • Show how you are different to the rest

These are the same principles I used recently to beat the conversion rate on a long standing vsl for one of my favourite clients.

Need more proof?

I don’t blame ya.

Check out this video.

Till the next time



Selling more using power words

Early on in my career-I learned about power words from a John Carlton course I got.
POWER WORDS are those words that create an emotional reaction in you when you read them.
they make you sit up and take notice.
some examples here:
white hot
heat up
so the bottom line is…
if you want to beef up your emails, sales letters, or vsl’s
if you want people sitting up and taking notice of what you’re saying…
Get your hands on some of these bad boys today.
they work a treat for boosting conversions in the right markets.


How To Get Those Emails Opened!

Although open rates are no where near as important than sales….
you can’t make that sale unless that sucker get’s opened
So here is a little trick I use sometimes to get that email OPEN…
It’s works because our brains are always trying to get completion. we don’t like when things are left open.
Kinda like a cliff hanger at the end of a soap opera.
it also pulls at our curiosity-a powerful trigger.
The email subject line would go something like…
the secret of losing weight when drinking beer is _______
most people who like beer (market dependent) and want to lose weight will snap at this one.
but you can fill in the blanks with what’s applicable to your market.
NB- people also love secrets.
NB-putting two things together -that are kinda like opposites-like drinking beers and losing weight works well too.
there ya go… more tips.
to your success


When it comes to the end of a sales message-you need to get them to say yes NOW rather than later to your offer. they will either buy now or not at all for the most part-unless you are continually contacting them.

some key ways to get them to say now where applicable:

  • Limit the number available
    let them know how most people are buying
    tell them only certain people can qualify
    spell out the ROI
    give a strong guarantee
    give a free trial offer

Isolating the no’s to get more yes’s


Before writing any sales letter/video/email…Sit down and make a list of all the objections you will encounter from your customers.

You should know a few main ones if you have done your research right.

Then proceed to deal with each one throughout your sales message.

Picture a real cynical customer on the other side of your keyboard,,,really skeptical about everything you say.

Imagine he doesn’t believe any of your claims and you have to prove everything to him.

the more objections you deal with …the more sales you make.