People love reason why’s in sales messages.
some key reasons to include:
Why you’re doing this…
why they should believe you…
why they need to buy now…
why it’s discounted…
why they can’t live without it…

Reason why’s just make the whole sales message more believable !

Email Conversion Boosting Tip!

Conversion killing email technique numerio uno:

About 90% of the emails I get (and I’m on a ton of lists) are impersonal.
No thought is given to the fact they are writing to one person…ME.

The quick fix?

Next time you write an email. just imagine you have one person on your list and you are writing to them. ONLY THEM.

The Real Secret To Persuasion

When all sales copy tips and tricks are said and done…

‘The real basis for persuasion is to understand what motivates a man’
Advertising legend Bill Bernback.

understanding the nature of that carrot on the end of the stick.
understanding EXACTLY what your prospects want to feel, when they buy your product is key to getting them hitting that buy button.


How To Minimize Refunds

Worried about refunds? try extending the guarantee period.

Interestingly enough…the longer the guarantee period…the less refunds you get.

Also…ask people to show they have made an effort to use your product.
BECUASE…unless you’re selling junk…people make the decision to refund the moment they buy.

And don’t be afraid of double your money back guarantees,

people are not going to rush in to rip you off.

Sales Lessons From The Rich Jerk

Rich Jerk has burst back on the scene again recently.

One of the most powerful elements of his pitch is ‘sales posturing’

This is when you make very clear that you don’t need your customer/clients to buy from you.

Your customer knows you are already successful and there is no whiff of neediness of you…which kills a sale stone dead.

it’s also called ‘take away’ selling. are you using it in YOUR MARKETING?

Done the right way…it can really boost sales.

Other elements that make the pitch work from the Rich Jerk?

Blind selling- people have no idea what it is really-makes people think this is something new.
A unique sales argument.. he tells people it’s their fault
empathy-his humor makes you kinda like him (this is very tough to get right using humor)

Never Stopping On The Road To Better Conversions…

When you hire a sales copy writer…some guys will just fire a sales page at you and leave you to it.

GREAT conversions come from persistence though.

in other words…constantly tweaking and testing sales copy.

That’s What I did for my client James Francis recently.

I worked constantly on his oto after his opt-in until he got the results he was after.

here’s a little video about it.


What Your Market Really Wants…

What Your Market Really Wants:

If you want your sales messages to convert you have to dig down and find out what your market really wants. You may think you know-but many marketers do not.
You have to do some detective work to really find out what they want.
For instance in the women’s dating niche- they want the guy to absolutely adore them. They want him to think about her and only her. They want him to be totally devoted and committed to her.
Usually there is a really strong emotional need (or more than one) that your market wants to fulfill.
Here are some guideline emotions to look at.
One or 2 or more of them are likely to apply to your market:
• Greed
• Comfort
• Sex, Love Intimacy
• Health
• Freedom
• Self improvement
• Fear
• Respect
• Pleasure
More specifically:
• More comfort
• More leisure
• Popularity
• Pride of accomplishment
• Improved appearance
• Security in old age
• Social advancement
• Praise
• Increased enjoyment
Tailor your copy around these emotions and you should see a marked increase in your conversions.

Sales Copy And Standup Comedy Collide…

Sales Copy And Standup Comedy Collide…

Just this week, I did my first stand up gig.

We mega-scary – but got through it.

The funniness came through (at least I thought so lol)….they laughed…thank god.

When I was putting together my set, my sales copy knowledge helped quite a bit.

Here’s how…

I used some time tested rules in writing copy to help me with the set.

  • Never bore them

Seems obvious- but I was acutely aware that I had to keep their attention. Otherwise…I would be lost and that crippling silence would kill me (my childhood abandonment fears would kick in big time)

  • Grab their attention

I knew my first sentence was really important. I wanted to grab their attention right out of the gate. So I talked about guys balls and how I was sick of looking them. Thought this would get them curious to hear more…and stop them in their tracks.

  • All about them – even though it was about me

In stand up- it’s your story/experiences etc. but it has to relate to them. No jokes about knitting so.

  • Keep it short punchy

I tried to pack in as many punch lines as I could into the set. These were like benefits, bullets, or subheads. They won’t all land…but just one of them could make all the difference.


Here’s what happened…sound not great-but it was recorded on an Iphone.



Getting Started…Leads That Sell…

After the headline, the opening is the most important part when it comes to the success of your sales message.

Playing around with different openings after the headline can make a massive difference to your conversion rates.

Here are some tried and tested openings you can try out.

1) If you’re like me…
This one builds rapport and connection from the ‘get go’. It breaks down the barrier between you and the reader and creates the ‘arm around the shoulder’ feel. You two are in this together and the trust starts to build up.

2) What if…
This opening is great for suggesting a promise or benefit from the beginning. You could say…What if you could make a 5 figure monthly salary with less time and effort than you ever thought possible?

3) As you know…
This is another great one for getting into rapport and giving the reader information they already know.
It’s also a subtle way to establish a ‘position’ in the reader’s mind from where you build your sales argument.

4) Have you ever wished…
This is a great one for getting past natural sales resistance and it enables you to deliver your promise in a powerful but disarming way. Example: Have you ever wished you had…

5) If then…
This one is a classic and can be adapted to any situation. It’s been used over and over again with great success over the years. Example: If you want to make any man notice you, adore you, and fall down on his knees to worship you…then this will be the most important message you ever read….

My Stupid Sales Letter Won’t Sell-Why?



People come to me all the time with sales letters that don’t sell.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself straight away to get an idea why your sales letter may be lagging in sales…

1) Is the market there?
Now this seems like an obvious one but there are many people out there who have created a product and then tried to find someone to sell it to.
Bad idea!!
Even if you are the top copy in the world, you won’t be able to make people buy something they are not interested in.

2) Is the message right?
Getting the message right for the market is the second thing you need to look at.
Many people have not spent enough time figuring out what the market really wants.
And here’s where it gets complicated,
What the market says they want and what they really want can be radically different.
Pay closer attention to their buying behaviour and not to what they say they want

3) Are you boring the pants of them?
People’s attention spans are shrinking rapidly these days, yet so many sales letters fail to take account of this. You need to make sure your readers are with you every step of the way.
This will mean looking at ways in which you can keep their attention.
Creating curiosity and making promises are great ways to achieve this.
Some more ways are keeping your copy shorter, making every word count and letting the graphics carry more of the weight of the sales message.