Sales Copy And Standup Comedy Collide…

Sales Copy And Standup Comedy Collide…

Just this week, I did my first stand up gig.

We mega-scary – but got through it.

The funniness came through (at least I thought so lol)….they laughed…thank god.

When I was putting together my set, my sales copy knowledge helped quite a bit.

Here’s how…

I used some time tested rules in writing copy to help me with the set.

  • Never bore them

Seems obvious- but I was acutely aware that I had to keep their attention. Otherwise…I would be lost and that crippling silence would kill me (my childhood abandonment fears would kick in big time)

  • Grab their attention

I knew my first sentence was really important. I wanted to grab their attention right out of the gate. So I talked about guys balls and how I was sick of looking them. Thought this would get them curious to hear more…and stop them in their tracks.

  • All about them – even though it was about me

In stand up- it’s your story/experiences etc. but it has to relate to them. No jokes about knitting so.

  • Keep it short punchy

I tried to pack in as many punch lines as I could into the set. These were like benefits, bullets, or subheads. They won’t all land…but just one of them could make all the difference.


Here’s what happened…sound not great-but it was recorded on an Iphone.



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