Sales letters Versus Vsl’s-Who Wins?

Remember that argument that used to go on school…

Who would win between your dad and mine?

Or would win in a fight…? Superman or Spider man.

And so on…

Well the simple answer is… there is no winner because there are just too many variables involved.

It’s the same when it comes to sales letters and videos and which converts better.

There are many variables involved like:

  • Some markets like to read more (like the financial market)
  • Some markets need the whistles and bells of video ( like the men’s dating market)
  • And some people just like to read or don’t time to watch a video.
  • And the list goes on…

So here’s the take away:

Remembering the core fundamentals of sales copy will beat of the video versus sales letter question any day of the week.

Fundamentals like

  • Get their attention
  • Get the appeal spot on
  • Never bore them
  • Create a compelling story
  • Create empathy
  • Create a reason to act now
  • Demonstrate value
  • Show how you are different to the rest

These are the same principles I used recently to beat the conversion rate on a long standing vsl for one of my favourite clients.

Need more proof?

I don’t blame ya.

Check out this video.

Till the next time



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