What Your Market Really Wants…

What Your Market Really Wants:

If you want your sales messages to convert you have to dig down and find out what your market really wants. You may think you know-but many marketers do not.
You have to do some detective work to really find out what they want.
For instance in the women’s dating niche- they want the guy to absolutely adore them. They want him to think about her and only her. They want him to be totally devoted and committed to her.
Usually there is a really strong emotional need (or more than one) that your market wants to fulfill.
Here are some guideline emotions to look at.
One or 2 or more of them are likely to apply to your market:
• Greed
• Comfort
• Sex, Love Intimacy
• Health
• Freedom
• Self improvement
• Fear
• Respect
• Pleasure
More specifically:
• More comfort
• More leisure
• Popularity
• Pride of accomplishment
• Improved appearance
• Security in old age
• Social advancement
• Praise
• Increased enjoyment
Tailor your copy around these emotions and you should see a marked increase in your conversions.

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